Master/slave drive not recognized

By stonecoldkilla
Dec 23, 2006
  1. ok heres the problem: my main hard drive is 80 gb SATA,and my new drive is the western digital 250 gb SATA drive. so i bought my SATA cable, installed the backup 250 GB drive into slot 1, connected the power and then connected my SATA cable to slot 1. i boot up the computer like normal, but recieve an odd problem: My drive 4 (port PATA 1 PRI IDE slave) and drive 5 (the master, im not 100% sure if 4 is the master or if 5 is) are not detected. i went into the bios, both are turned on and recognized. i disregarded this and turned on my drive 1 to try my new hard drive. when i booted up not only is the new drive not recognized, neither the DVD or CD is either. the only thing showing up is my c drive and floppy drive. i turned the drive 1 off(controller:parallel ATA for drive 1 and 0), disconnected the SATA cable, and tried rebooting again, yet i get the same error message. so before i had tried installing this drive i had no problems, now even after disconnecting the drive my DVD and CD drive wont show up.
    The SATA operation is currently set to Raid auto detect/AHCI. the other options are as follows:
    Raid auto detect/ATA,
    Raid ON,
    and Combination. in similar problems i found here people said to change to combination, which is SATA/PATA. does anyone know what to do? im left here not being able to use my new hard drive, and ontop of that my cd and dvd drives!
  2. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    Hi, and welcome to Techspot. Are you using a RAID array? If you are not, or don't know what that means, you should not be running your drives in RAID mode or AHCI mode. Just run them in regular SATA mode.
  3. stonecoldkilla

    stonecoldkilla TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thankyou very much for the help, but luckaly i figured out the problem. my big old IDE cable was getting disconnected by the new SATA cable i put in for the hard drive, so both my dvd and cd drives werent being recognized. after solving that problem, i partitioned the new hard drive and got it set up and now everythings workin fine! big load off my back!! happy holidays
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