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Nov 6, 2003
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  1. Does anyone want to give me a summary of the Matrix and Reloaded. Im going to see Revolutions on tha weekend with my friends and dont want to be confused with the story that was explained in the earlier movies (ex//what the heck is going on)

  2. StormBringer

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    Did you just crawl out from under a rock?
  3. acidosmosis

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    Considering the recent reviews I've gotten from a friend and on the Internet about Revolutions, I would HIGHLY recommend that you see the first and second movies before going to see Revolutions. Matrix is just one of those movies you can't really explain. Please do yourself a favor and rent the first two prior to seeing Revolutions. That way the 3rd movie will be the best experience possible.
  4. Godataloss

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    Saw Revolutions last night and the Wakowski Bros have truly vidicated themselves. I almost think it was better than the first one which leads me to believe that they were just playing with our minds in Reloaded. The polish on the CGI is top-notch- not like the hoakey "Smith" animations in reloaded. The story was a bit overloaded with trite dialoge, but the action more than made up for it- the defense of Babylon is epic.

    Top_Gun if you havent seen the first two save Revolutions for when you've already seen the first two and you can sit back in a nice theater that isnt jammed with folks with camcorders and cell phones. The story is complicated, but revolves aroud the subjective nature of perception using didactic situations and imagery of diametrically opposed ideas- in its most fundamental form it is the difference between 0 and 1- analog and digital- man and machine.

    Throw in some explosions, kung fu, and Kari Ann Moss in latex and well you can probably imagine the good time.

  5. aoj145

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    Hey, I'm going to watch the last episode of the second season of '24'. Can someone give me a recap of the first 23 episodes and also tell me what happened during the 24 episodes of season 1?

    Also, I'm reading "Return Of the King" before the movie comes out and it doesn't make any sense. Can someone tell me what happened in the first two books as well as the Hobbit?
  6. TS | Thomas

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    Just rent them & watch them if you want a basic idea of what's going on (Forget about seeing it with your friends, it'll make little sense if you haven't seen Reloaded at the very least).

    I managed to catch Revolutions yesterday as well, can't wait to see it again, so many memorable moments to it for sure. & the Kid turned out to be a likable character after all :)
  7. BBString

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    only saw Reloaded last night for the first time... i'm well behind! WOW was it hot! Did those twins die in the car explosion? My brian started to get bored and switch off when Neo was talking to the maker.... (bad point... i was tired!).

    Need to watch it again... so top_gun you should really watch both the Matrix and Reloaded at least once each..... sort it!


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  8. Julio Franco

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    I was able to watch the movie on its first day showing... I definitely liked Revolutions but for me the original remains the best of the trilogy, then the second and the third comes in last place but not because it was a bad movie at all, in fact I'm buying the DVD as soon as it comes out.

    The fact that the two first movies explain most of the plot and get you involved with The Matrix world is what make them better over the last IMO... same great effects and action is there in the third but as any other sci-fi movie they had to come up with an end, and how good can a sci-fi ending get? I believe Wachowskis did a great job.

    Something else I wanted to mention. As most of you know I live in South America but what you probably don't know is that new movies usually take 2-5 months to arrive to theaters here.
    Obviously that was not the case with The Matrix and if this will be one of the side effects caused by piracy in the long-term, much like with Audio CD piracy, at the end it'd seem we, consumers, are going to see some benefit.
  9. BBString

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    Soz bout my language, didnt know i couldn't swear! I keep it under wraps for the future...
  10. poertner_1274

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    It's not a big deal, just trying to keep it civil in here.
  11. SNGX1275

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    Just saw it tonight. I liked it, don't really see how it could have ended any differently. There is still a bit of openness to it, and I think if they wanted they could have left it even more openended and left to speculation.
    Overall I think its a good movie.

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