Maxtor Hard Drive Heating Problems

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I use the 250GB Maxtor ATA 133 Diamondmax 10 in my external hard drive..
Hard Drive
Enclosure :

The thing is that I'm really fed up with the heat it gives off..

When the hard drive is on full load...the enclosure gets pretty hot...

However , often times ...many drive errors appear like partition corruption probably due to the heating of the hard drive..

Is there anything I could do to make it cooler or etc?

I regret buying a drive from Maxtor


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maxtor is hot, pretty hot :)
im glad that they will no longer exist
its seems that you need to replace the enclosure with some liquid system
chek this
for sure u need better cooling

iss said:
is the fan working in the enclosure?

yes , it is working but then even with the fan...the hard drive can't get cool enough ..

It's an improvement from my previous plastic enclosure where the drive overheats and then crashes...

I still need a more effective way to getting heat out from the hard drive


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I run Seagate and Western digital drives in USB 2.0 enclosures and have no problems with heat as long as the enclosure has a fan. if you dont have the money to replace the drive then your only viable option is to find ways to allow more air flow. thru the enclosure.
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