Maya Rendering: where is the bottleneck?

By cyrusroe
Aug 28, 2006
  1. Alright here's the deal, I rendered a Maya scene file containing 100 frames. I have a dual socket opteron board with 2 gigs of memory. In the first render, I used only one cpu. In the 2nd render I used both cpu's. I did this to test the difference in the amount of time it takes to render with each configuration.

    I know I shouldn't expect the render time to be cut in half, but here's what troubled me: with the 1 cpu render it took about 20 minutes. With the 2 cpu render, it took about 18 minutes. "Only a 2 minutes difference?!" I said to myself.

    There's got to be a bottleneck somewhere. Should I add memory? My board is capable of supporting 16gigs. Is the hard drive not fast enough to store the frames?

    I don't know how to diagnose this stuff, please help

    As always, thanks very much in advance and take care!

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