MB won't recognise sata

By mfm1200
Nov 11, 2004
  1. Just built a pc for a digital jukebox.
    I have installed an 80g ide hdd as well as a separate 80g sata drive.

    i want to install the OS on the sata drive(if possible) but i can't get the MB to recognise it. What Bios setting should I be looking at specifically
    I have the IDE drive connected to IDE#1 connector on the MB with the jumper set as cable select and the end of the ribbon cable plugged into it(ie primary).
    Meanwhile i will check all the connectors.
  2. gingerjust

    gingerjust TS Rookie

    Asus K8V SE Deluxe Mobo
    AMD Athlon 64 3400+
    1024mb DDR 400
    Maxtor 200gb SATA HDD
    NVIDIA Grapihics

    I to have recently been struggling to get a SATA hdd installed so have learnt a little bit along the way.

    I guess that your not looking to set these drives up as raid as i understand for best performance it's preferable to have two identical HDD.

    First off i would set the machine up without the IDE HDD attached first and then add that later. Incidently you can set the ide drive as master.

    Make sure you have the HDD plugged into the correct socket on the board. On my board there is a pair for SATA and a pair for Raid.

    Also ensure your bios is set correctly. For me it had to be set up for ide configuration but check your manual for more info. Dont be thrown that the drive does not post in bios, mine doesn't and looking at alot of forums neither do others, however usually during the post of the machine a seperate screen with a SATA bios will come up which will identify your HDD.

    You may need to download a disk util from the HDD manufacturer. I had one from maxtor which was really good and easy to use. It set the drive up ready to accept XP and afterr doing this i could set the drive up in the boot sequence of the bios which i couldn't before.

    To install XP on a SATA hard drive you need the drivers supplied by your mobo manufacturer. I would recommend downloading the latest ones from the net. As setup of XP begins, keep an eye on the bottom of the screen, a line will say 'press f6 if your require to load third party SCSI or RAID drivers'. ensure you have entered the floppy with you mobo SATA drivers on and press F6 a few times. as it begins to load files required for setup it should take your drivers from the floppy. then you can carry on setup as normal.

    good luck

  3. sohailiabbas

    sohailiabbas TS Rookie

    Help regarding sata HDD problem on asus K8v se deluxe

    Help regarding sata HDD problem on asus K8v se deluxeHello

    As i can see you have sorted out the problem. Can you please send me a link into what sata drivers you downloaded. Also give me some instructions

    plz reply!!

    sohailiabbas :)
  4. dennmarck2004

    dennmarck2004 TS Rookie

    MB not recognized by MB

    I think this might help.

    I use ASUS P4P800 (Intel I865PE) MOBO with SATA/RAID and I have two 80Gb SEAGATE HDDs - one new SATA HDD being the OS and the older IDE HDD as my backup for large video files. The machine reads the two as PRIMARY drives though the IDE HDD jumper is setup as Secondary. Since SATA eliminates the PRIMARY-SECONDARY HDD configuration, the BIOS and the Device Manager recognize the IDE as FIRST PRIMARY DRIVE and the SATA as SECOND PRIMARY DRIVE. I read Mobo Manual to guide me configure the BIOS.

    During fresh installation of XP using NTFS file system (FAT32 didn't work and I don't know why), I did not install 3rd party SCSI RAID drivers because I don't know if it enhances gaming or video editing programs nor did I download any SATA drivers - XP already have them. After XP installation I setup the boot sequence with the SATA as the first.

    I'm not really sure how RAID works and its uses but to my little understanding you need 2 identical HDD to "mirror" the data from the 1st HDD from the 2nd HDD for fast data retrieval (like a cache), correct me please if I'm wrong.

    Read your Motherboard Manual thoroughly before flashing or updating your BIOS and before downloading any drivers since flashing your BIOS might do more harm than fixing your problem.

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