Medal of honor-PA is giving bad performance on my Radeon 9800pro.

By numan
Aug 12, 2005
  1. I have just bought MSI Radeon 9800pro 128 mb 3dCard by replacing my old Fx5200 card. Is this a good card (R 9800 pro) for playing new games on medium sttings.

    MSI RX 9800pro-TD128 (Model)
    Memory Interface = 256 bit
    RAMDAC = 400Mhz
    Memory = 128mb
    P. Pipelines = 8
    Coreclock = 378MHz
    Memoryclock = 338MHz

    One thing I want to ask i.e. My card is low memory clock 338MHz where it must be 680 Mhz(Given in ATI website). What is the difference in 338 and 680 Mhz. For what thing memoryclock and coreclock is used for?

    My game Medal of Honor pacific assult is too much slow on Radeon 9800pro(low settings).

    Where the game is running well on Fx5200. On medium settings. All other games are also not

    performing well. What should I do. Reinstal the game, upgarde the drivers (MSI vga drivers

    or ATI vga drivers?).
    ReInstal windows Xp sp2? Or the game is not supported by the card?

    My system spec.
    Intel Celeron D 2.4 MHz 256 cahce
    MSI Motherboard (p4mam-v) AGP 4x
    300W powersupply.
    512 Mb DDR Kingston 400 bus

    PLZ help me I am very much tense just bought it 1 day ago.
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    Sorry for multiple thread. I was really confused about it.
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