Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Tweaks?

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Nov 22, 2004
  1. Anybody got any tips to make mohpa run acceptable on a amd 2400+ w/768m of memory and a radeon 9100? I haven't found any tweaks on the web. Just wondering if anyones played around and come up with some stuff to turn on/off and/or tweak to speed it up a bit.
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    As stated in your other thread about this subject:

    the simple answer is to buy a new graphics card (e.g. Radeon 9600XT or 9800Pro)

    Overclocking your graphics card will NOT improve frame rate SIGNIFICANTLY
    Tweaking games will NOT improve frame rate SIGNIFICANTLY (if it already

    Changing Resolution MAY improve frame rate SIGNIFICANTLY (if your not already running at 640x480 or 800x600)
    Disabling Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering (if they are enabled) MAY improve frame rate SIGNIFICANTLY
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    Dude, you don't have to be an *** about it. Having said that I guess "chugging like a locomotive is a slight exaggeration, but, I wanted someone to know what was going on and I disagree with overclocking the video card and cpu. You can't honestly expect someone to believe that increasing the processing rate of the cpu and gpu is not going to lead to performance gains. The game is relatively smooth until you get to some of the areas where there is a lot of action and multiple enemies on the screen (especially the flying sequences). In asking for a "tweak for the game" I am asking to see if anyone has come across a few of the video options or possibly sound options that have been disabled (and sometimes enabled) to make the game run better. Heck in the past I have even seen some memory tweaks to make things run a little smoother (Baldur's Gate). My Dad's rig is not a bad setup and I know that I can squeeze a little bit more performance out of it. That is what these forums are for: to see if anyone else has had these issues and addressed them and in the process the problems are logged in the past forums for others to read and have a little insight if they happen to have the same issue. On the other post I was asking for assistance with the overall speed of the system and MoHPA is an example so that others can see where I am headed with the end result. The last time I checked I am in the gaming forum asking about MoHPA itself and I see no reason for you to have to ***** about a similar thread posted in another forum. I appreciate your answer on the video card and I know that that has to be upgraded. I am trying to save my Dad a little bit of money and subdue his urge to go out and grab a new video card until I can compare and contrast the performance, price, stability, and features of the cards that are available on the market. I was away with the Army when he purchased the 9100 or that would have never happened. He bought it because it was $10 or so cheaper than another more powerful card that was available at the time. I also appreciate your answer about Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering being enabled because I don't know if they are enabled and my Dad probably doesn't know either. I will have to check for him. I know that he can drop the resolution down to 640x480 and I will try that if he hasn't. I think that he has had. Anywise, I have ranted enough and I do thank you for you response, but I don't appreciate the sharpness of it.
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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean for my reply to be quite that sharp and I certainly didn't plan on starting a flame war (there are plenty of those on here already), but the main point I was trying to make, was that I did not think overclocking the graphics card would make much of a difference (you tend to get much lower gains from overclocking lower-end cards than for example boosting a 9800Pro, simply because lower-end cards tend to less work per clock cycle).

    Also, in order to get a decent overclock you are likely to need an active cooler (i.e. one with a fan - if it hasn't already got one: most lower end cards don't nowadays), and some heatsinks for the memory (Ramsinks), this is money that might be better spend on buying a better card.

    If you are planning on the overclocking route, then the best graphics card o/c software (if it hasn't already been mentioned) is probably ATi Tray Tools.

    I also didn't mean to suggest that tweaking games and such is a hopeless idea (I should hope not since I created my own tweaking program), but meant to suggest that you shouldn't expect too much of a gain from them (but any gain is still worthwhile)
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    That's cool. I'm sorry also. Didn't mean to blow up like that. Some people (not meaning you) are somewhat abusive of newcomers that ask questions that they do not think are worthy of their time. I'm new to this forum but I like it. I am not new to computers and having been messing around with them since the Atari 400. I am not an expert and do not claim to be one but I can hold my own and I try to help if I can. I understand what you mean about overclocking the 9100. I don't expect to get much out of it. Just enough so that Dad will have an enjoyable time with his game until I can suggest a new card. I am leaning toward going with a 9800 and overclocking it with the needed fan or ramsinks to a 9800 pro. I think that will do fine for awhile. Thanks for your input.
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