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medal of honour nvidia drivers registry

By tagaruda
Aug 14, 2003
  1. :confused: this problem has nearly done my head in, hope someone can help before i throw my pc out the window and it lands on someone

    have been playing medal of honour @ a year with no probs, then game fps started to drop to 7/9 occaisionally rising to 30, game then launched often with blurred writing, at first reinstalling and updating detonator drivers fixed it for a time before glitching again, could not repair or remove in control panel so had to manually remove, regedit and format partition it was on, after reinstalling worked fine for a week then repeated problem, so i next tried removing nvidia drivers through add remove before reinstalling but game now "staggers" (ie breaks in music and mouse jerks badly) when loading but does not now get past main munu screen,
    i ran ea systen check and it reports directx8 so possibly does not seem to recognize that i have directx9a installed,?
    i have 44.03 drivers for my gforce2 mx400, then i installed offered windows update drivers
    this problem seems to be getting worse as previously restore and or reinstalling fixed it temporarily, other games (ie BF1942 wolfstein and IL2) are not affected so ive ruled out gforce card failure and problem started way before i removed ea/mohaa from registry.
    problem started on ME fat32 partition running voodoo2 with gforce2, (voodoo2 had been added for @ 9 months) worked ok for a week with ME fat32 dual booting with XP NTFS with voodoo2 disabled, then a few days and now only just :(
    can i have worn my game out?

    Computing, a mysterious riddle, wrapped in an enigma and then stuffed in a Dell box
  2. MAX3D2

    MAX3D2 TS Rookie

    Same with me here.

    Ive done 3 reinstalls of XP Pro, and all software and drivers, the problem started when I installed DirectX9.0. Iam going back to DX8.1.. and see what happens. Please let me know if you find a cure. Mine started doing this in BF1942 Mod Desert Combat. While playing I noticed the glitchy screen flicker and the soundcard buzzed a lil, and then some strange corruption in the display occured. For example, faint blue speckles all over the place, and BOOM the game froze. I had to hard boot to get out. When my rig rebooted windows acted as if it was going to restart like normal, then my monitor went out, but you could hear ICQ and the other apps load up. I then rebooted into safe mode and tried to uninstall my Nvidia drivers, then when the machine rebooted the old drivers reinstalled automatically which sucked, cuz i was back to square one. Finally I got it fixxed but my video was quirky ever since. I did another reinstall of XP, all drivers again and after bout a week...BAM!!!! AGAIN!!! ??? Iam getting a new card, and a new MB and never buying MSI again
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