Media player lag.

By Decipher
Jul 25, 2005
  1. Hello everyone. I recently got a new computer, its about 3 days old. I have a problem. I have the latest windows media player, when I try to see a movie or something, it starts lagging. My mouse skips (like I can't fully move it, it just jumps around). Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Its really bugging me. My movies aren't lagging though, they're perfectly. But my computer just starts lagging up. :(

    Edit - Ok, after I finish watching the movie, my lag is gone.
  2. CirTap

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    have you tried other players as well? do they cause the same prob? Like Quicktime, Real, VNC, Media Player Classic, or some Software DVD-Player?
    Could be the display drivers. Most players "talk" DirectX which then talks to your video card.
    Depending on the "movie", the codec's playback settings may be wrong and slow down the machine (both audio and video), or you have an old codec installed (despite the computer's just 3 days old). Check the CPU performance: does it boost up if a movie plays? It shoudn't go over 40-50% at "worst".

    Check the video settings in WMP if it uses "overlay" (acceleration) or not, and toggle these settings to see if it helps. Also check the video card (display) settings for any video related "preformance" switches, they might be either to low or too high.
    I had to disable the "write behind cache" on my box for instance.

    Have fun,
  3. Decipher

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    Well, I tried winamp, BSplayer and windows media player. I dont really know anything about my motherboard cpu, but I have 1 GB ram, and I have an nVIDIA 6800 GT.

    - In my windows task manager, the cpu boosts up to like 60% when I watch a movie.

    Oh yeah - I installed DivX Player (which gives me the divx codec too right?) and it still lags.
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