Media Player & Winamp Playing Problem

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Had to reload my computer (crashed). Anyway, I get all sounds from
my speakers and like news videos, etc., but I downloaded music track,
tried to play it. It plays, but no sounds on both Media Player & Winamp.
My husband did the same thing, his works. I know it's playing, just no


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This may sound a bit duffy, but you say you do have sound except not when palying your downloaded music tracks, wright?
Does it happen anytime you use winamp and/or mediaplayer, or only when playing those tracks?
I'd go check on two things, first the build-in volume settings of your players, or second, the fact your files might have gotten corrupted when your pc crashed.
It's also possible that some level of your players got corrupted when your baby-toy went down.
What was the reason it crashed?
A virus or an OS error?
What where the progs you where running at that moment?
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