Meet the Skeye Nano Drone: The world's smallest precision-controlled quadcopter

By TS Dealmaster
Jun 30, 2015
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  1. meet skeye nano drone quadcopter

    The SKEYE Nano Drone is the world's smallest precision-controlled quadcopter and it's currently on sale at the TechSpot Store for over 40% off - just $34.99 + free worldwide shipping.

    The SKEYE Nano Drone is as agile as it is compact. Its miniature size makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor flights as you learn tricks like figure 8s, flips, and banking turns with ease.

    The Nano Drone features Ready To Fly technology, so you can begin flying right out of the box. Adjust your control preference with three settings: beginner, advanced pilots, and seasoned flight veterans. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the Nano Drone’s gyroscope for more stability. Once the sun goes down, turn on the Nano Drone’s LED lights and continue the fun.

    The Nano Drone typically retails for $60, but you can get it today for $34.99 - 41% off the retail price.

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