memory brands and duel channel

By i_need_answers
Jun 6, 2005
  1. Hi,
    I was just wandering if memory Brand names are important such as Corsair and Kingston.
    Also I was wondering what I should buy to upgrade my setup. I currently have 1 stick 266mhz 256mb, 1 stick of 366mhz 512mb.
    I was wondering what speed and size I should buy to take full advantage of
    duel channel mode, without having to waste my 512 stick. I will Probally want either 512mb of extra ram or maybe a gig. '
  2. CMH

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    1. If you mix RAM of different speeds, it runs at the slowest speed.
    2. To utilize dual channel, you need 2 similar RAM sticks. And they have to be in pairs. In other words, you'l have to get another stick or 266mhz 256mb to utilize that 256mb stick. If you don't mind chucking that off this system, you might be able to get a 366mhz 512mb stick, and run them dual channel, assuming that your motherboard supports Dual channel.
    3. To take full advantage of the Dual Channel, use the fastest RAM you can get your hands on. Probably those 400mhz ones.

    Okay, didn't really answer that part about brands.
    Don't think its important if you're not thinking of overclocking. If you are, then it is :D. I'm not an expert on overclocking, and I've only dabbled in increasing CPU speeds, and nothing on the FSB/RAM and what have yous....
  3. GoAvalanche

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    Stick with "name brand" ram. I put dual channel in my latest computer and used "Kingston". I found it at for $82.77.
    kvr400x64c3ak2 2x512 matched pair...a matched pair with dual channel is reccommended for better performance.
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