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Jul 17, 2007
  1. hi i just bought an hp 8034n pc athlon duo core 2gb ram and i want to add more memory i have the ddr2 4200 @533mghtz can anyone tell me what brand i can add that is most compatable ?reason i ask is some people on the hp site say certain brand aren't recognized by the system. but i dont want to pay $150 for a 1gb stick from hp help please.
  2. zipperman

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    Is this just another case of no Motherboard Manual ?
    If so download a pdf version.It has compatible ram list.
    But adding the same type as you have is OK if you know it's brand.
    BTW,2 GB is plenty.
    Your Motherboard might be limited to 2 GB.
    HP - 905-206-4663
  3. jimh33

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    the motherboard is an ausus m2n68-la it says up to 4 gb but its oem hp memory and i'm wondering what brand is good with compatibility of course hp wants to sell me a 1 gb stick for $150.
  4. zipperman

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    The only 1 you should be concerned with is
    ddr2 4200 @533mghtz .It's good you know this,so
    I recommend Kingston packaged ,Lifetime Warranty.
  5. jimh33

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    thanks for your help i've heard some reviews of memory not being compatable with the oem saying its not recognized by the motherboard thanks again i'll give kingston a try.
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