Memory configuration problem

By si007
Jul 11, 2002
  1. Memory Problem

    I decided to add some more memory to my 256MBs, so I ordered the exact same module as I already have and it turned up today. I installed it and swiched my pc on. The first screen came up and it informed me that it had tested the memory and that it was OK and also that there was now 512MB of ram. Then it went to the next screen which had some said about Highpoint Technologies and there it stopped.

    I took the new module out and re-booted and everything was normal. Then, I put the new module in on its own and re-booted and everything was fine. So now I'm stuck as to what to do. I know that my motherboard is capable of taking up to 768MB of ram so that was not the problem and it seemed that both modules were fine. I had also enabled ECC in my BIOS as both modules are ECC.

    So, if anyone can help with this matter I would really appreciate it.


    PS. I shall be posting this message to other boards that some people might be members of, so you might get sick of seeing it. I apologise in advance ;D

    Pentium III 933MHz
    Windows Me
    256 MB Ram (hopefully 512 soon!!)
    12 and 40 GB Hard Drives
    Abit BX133-RAID Motherboard
    ASUS V8200 Geforce 3
    SB Live Value
  2. Tweakster

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  3. si007

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    Thanks a lot Tweakster. That article gave me an idea. I put one stick in slot 1 and the other in slot 3 and it worked perfectly.


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