Memory dumping Why? Vista Home Premium

By max101
Jan 23, 2008
  1. Hello everyone I'm very new to this sight is really a life saver! I have been reading alot of things but really couldn't find my problem or simular to. I know I didn't look hard enough I'm sure I will find it but in the mean time I will try as best that I can to explain my problem.
    Recently my Notebook power pin broke so I couldn't charge my notebook. This gave me a rare opportunity to buy a new system, against my better judgement I bought a refurb, ACER Aspire 9300-3642, pretty unit all the way around, the machine came with Win Vista Home premium its a 64 Turion Mobile (2.0) 512kb L2 cache NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100 video card now it had 2 512, but I replacd them with 2 1 gig DDR II. Now before I started making any changes to it; was working pretty good, I added Photoshop elements 6 and then added the two gigs, and next thing you know I notice blue screens, at the bottom dumping memory, or time it got worse. Now with out warning not like it gave warning before but I will be lucky to go a few hours before the blue screen of death comes and then at the bottom of the screen it will say dumping memory, now sometimes it does and sometimes the numbers will not move the srceen will just read dumping memory. It can be in idle and it will randumly reboot, what can I do, I put a program by Stomp Soft registry repair, nope nothing a few minutes later out of the blue it just reboots mind you after it dumps memory. This is kind of funny, usually I would redo the whole computer from the ground up, but no restore CD's I'm stationed in Iraq currently. Can't make any recovery CD's and I'm very new to Vista period! It really frustrating to say the least! Help please I hink the next machine is going to be a Pentium. I was reading some where some time ago that the 64 machines work very well with Adobe, am I mistaken? What do you reccomend? I'm frustated it's twisted I know but when I go out on mission I think of alternatives what to do, and Iall excited to try a few things, and when it looks good I'm doing the "whos the man dance" Short lived though, cause shortly after blue screen appears and it starts dumping memory, or it just freezes in that blue screen I watched and waited and it didn't move for 14 hours! I'm going to lick this problem yet! An with the help of my new friends learn alot. So there you have it, I await further instructions. Max
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    You really have to pay close attention to just what type, amount and speed of laptop memory you purchase for your laptop's model. Have you carefully done this?
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    Thanks for your insight on this Lobo1225 :)
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