memory errors?

By Tedster
Jun 18, 2005
  1. My old gateway is now acting up. I had a bad memory slot after a nasty power bump that I think killed the slot. I tested all my memory, 1 -256MB and 2 -128MB sticks. All 3 sticks tested good individually, but when combined, I got errors.

    So, I replaced the 2 -128MB sticks with 1 -256MB and now I have 2 -256MB sticks for the same total of 512MB and I avoid what I think is a bad memory slot.

    Problem is, I am getting the same program hangs as before. When I try to use Norton defrag, it locks up. When I use windows backup, the computer locks.

    The new sticks of memory test fine as well. Both indiividually and together.

    What alse could be the issue?
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