Memory for Asus a8n Deluxe.

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Jun 1, 2005
  1. I've been trying to select memory for an Asus a8n Deluxe. I'm looking to buy 2 x 1gb chips and was looking at: TWINX2048-3200C2PT XMS3200 2x1GB 2x184DIMM CAS2. What would memory would you recommend for this motherboard?

    TWINX2048-3200C2PT XMS3200 2x1GB 2x184DIMM CAS2 is costing me £172.10 inc VAT (approx $380). Is this expensive?

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    Re: First post

    I would use Kingston Extream and only go with 2x 512 as there will not be much demand for even that and it will still give you good room for advancement. unless you are using that motherboard in a game server you realy don't need more then a gig use the money you were going to spend on the other gig and buy the best RAM you can find it will be worth it and remeber the Kingston name is the warrentee anything ever goes wrong with the ram RTM and they will replacce it.
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    Kingston experience

    Except that for my ASUS motherboard A7N8X-E Deluxe, the Kingston PC3200 are incompatible and they only offer the PC2700 as replacement. I don't want to downgrade so I can have a stable setup.

    I bought two Corsair (Value Select) sticks instead, and I gave the Kingston memorise away to my friend who helped me troubleshoot my new setup.

    Be wary of the Kingston name, because I've had compatibility issue with them before.
  4. griffen

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    I'm doing lots of graphics processing. Would I not benefit from the extra memory?
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    What the??!!

    I am stuck!!! What the just happened here! I think I have to log out and reboot... :hotbounce :hotouch: :giddy:
  6. Secondgunman

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    In that Case more RAM will help in someways in others a dual core or dual CPUs will help get the RAM just try and keep the same kind of RAM and Specs.

    I yet to have problems with Kingstion RAM and if there was a problem just return it for new RAM. :knock:
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