Memory Leak in WinXP x64

By musicomposer
Jan 31, 2008
  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm new here and this is my first post. Allow me to set the scenario of my problem and also apologize for the long post.

    I'm a composer and I use a custom PC built for audio production. So, I have only high end components in my WinXP x64 PC. Fast drives, 8gb of crucial RAM, good ASUS mobo...Everything on this PC is optimized for real time audio processing and I'm running the system to take advantage of the increased RAM usage in a 64bit environment.

    All my audio hardware and software is 64bit so I can use all 8gb of my RAM for loading my orchestral sound library into a specialized "virtual instrument" (VI). This way I can trigger these very high quality instruments with my MIDI keyboard and record my performance and then play it back.

    My problem is that when I load this virtual instrument, as it launches I see the Commit Charge quantity in the Windows Task Manager (TM) sky rocket from 200mb (which is how much RAM Windows takes when it boots to the desktop) to 1200mb! Problem is all its done up to this point is just launch, I haven't even loaded any sound samples into the VI yet.

    Looking at the Processes list in the TM nothing is using this much RAM. If I shut the VI down the Commit Charge quantity does NOT go back down to 200mb, it just stays at 1200mb. Why?

    I figured there was something wrong with the VI application so I visit the manufacturers forum to speak with other users who have similar 64bit Windows XP based systems and no else is having this issue. I had them check the Commit Charge when the application launches and it only takes 60mb of RAM when finished.

    The manufacturer can't figure it out either.

    I'm thinking there is something wrong with my system so, I swap RAM chips thinking its a bad chip. No change. I re-installed Windows XP x64. No change.

    I installed WinXP x32. Now the VI does not act this way, it acts "normal".

    I'd use WinXP x32 but these instrument samples are very large and they stream from RAM. Since a 32-bit OS will not see more than 4gb of RAM I can't load all the sounds I need at once. Thats why I need to be in a 64bit system.

    I'm back on WinXP x64 now and I have tried the optimization tips on this site but to no success.

    Can anyone here suggest anything that I might not have thought of?

    I truly appreciate your help!

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