Memory not working in computer

By Kf21291
Jun 4, 2007
  1. I recently bought 2 1GB memory sticks for my computer. ( Samsung PC3200 DDR400, Dual Channel) When i installed it my computer started to constantly beep. I have a
    AMD 3800+
    DFI Lan Party Ultra-D nforce-4 chipset and it uses PC3200, DDR400

    I am not sure if its the compadibilty or maybe i have to set something in bios or move a pin in the mother board. So far i know the ram is working because it works on my other computer with a asus board.
    Also i read in the motherboard manual it says:
    "Supports x8/x16 non-ECC buffered DIMMs, up to 512Mb DDR devices"

    and i hope to god that doesn't mean it can't use a 1GB ram stick!
    i tried to supply as much information as i can but please help thanks,
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  3. Kf21291

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    i have figured out the problem it was not compadible, I found out the memory was for older motherboards and was extremely picky on the list of chipsets it can only be reconized in, In conclusion do not buy samsung 1GB PC3200 DDR400 memory it maybe cheap but its not compadible in many newer motherboards.
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    that's what the FAQs and guides are for - preventing dumb mistakes.
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