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Oct 17, 2007
  1. Hi!

    I have this problem regarding the memory of my laptop, Its 512mb, I bought a 1gig card, placed it in the slot where the 512 was previously and placed the 512 in the extra slot below it. When I turned on my laptop, nothing would appear in the screen, the power led above the keyboard stays lit for a minute then turns off but theres another power led on where the palm rest is and that stays on. I tried taking out both memory, placed the original 512 on its original slot and still it has the same problem. I even took it (512mb) out cleaned it with an eraser and still that didnt work..

    Whats happening.. I really need your help...

    Pleeeeeeeeeaaase.... =(
  2. cogmo_pop

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  3. cogmo_pop

    cogmo_pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Help Please...


  4. pdyckman@comcas

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    Maybe take out the battery to reset the bios.
  5. Tedster

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  6. Supra

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    What model laptop do you have and what kind of memory did you get? Do you know that your laptop was compatible with the memory you bought?
  7. effojyaj

    effojyaj TS Rookie

    why not try just the new chip first.
  8. cogmo_pop

    cogmo_pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for all your help.. I guess I'l have to take out the battery from the bios to reset everything..

    Where's the bios usually found in laptops..? Is it beside the cpu?
  9. Bruce2

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    I believe pdyckman was suggesting just removing the battery pack from the laptop so the power to the computer would be completely cut off. Put a compatible memory stick back into the memory slot. Then replace the battery and turn the laptop on and see if it will work.
  10. cogmo_pop

    cogmo_pop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Already done that and still nothing happens..

    Does anyone know where the cmos usually is located in a laptop?
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