Memory problems !!bios detecting wrong ram

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hi there all, im running a dual boot configuration with xp64 and vista 64 ultimate i have just updated my processor to dual core amd 64 4400.
wonder if any any 1 can help me out please? i have just flashed my bios (had to do this to get vista to recognize new processor dont ask but it works now) Cant work out how to change my bios setting to say ddr400
ihave 4 strips of ddr 400 installed and when i boot up screen comes up ddr333 i have never had problem before till flashed bios! im running a dfi infinity nf4 sli motherboard but cant figure out what setting in my bios to change to get it to say ddr 400 instead of ddr333. my pc keeps freezing randomly in vista with a clean install but when i boot into xp64 it runs fine.
Please help thank you.


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There is not a significant detectable difference between DDR333 and DDR400.
Does it work ok otherwise?
You might want to try flashing the BIOS one more time to see if it will accept the BIOS update. Often the motherboard will reject the flash if the BIOS is the same.


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Vista has many issues and it is an unstable OS. Until service pack 1 is released you're going to have problems. I suggest trying another brand of ram.
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