Memory question and new psu

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Dec 24, 2007
  1. My first question is what is better for my (dimension e510)'s 8800 GT OC and pentium 4 3.0 ghz processer

    a dell silencer 470
    CORSAIR CMPSU-450VX ATX12V V2.2 450W Power Supply 90 - 264 V UL, CUL, CE, CB, FCC Class B, TUV, CCC, C-tick
    Enhance ENP-5150GH 500W ATX12V Rev.2.2 (24/20+8/4+6), 80+ RoHS, Quiet PSU

    and, will all of these be able to adequately run my pc? Im already not thrilled at buying a new psu for my comp, but mine is only 305W so it is necessary. I want to spend as little money as possible, while still being able to have a proper psu.

    Next is a question about upgrading my memory. I plan on playing games such as cod4, bioshock, oblivion, lost planet so what type of memory and how much should i get. I have a dual 512MB channel already, but i have no idea what that means or how that will affect my decision in choosing my new memory.
    Some questions I have is, do I have to buy the same type of memory I have in my comp currently?, How much memory will allow me to adequately run these games?, and do I have to to strategically place new memory in my motheroard(for example if I wanted 4 gigs of memory, do i need to buy 2 more 512Mb dual channels and then buy 2 more dual 1 gig channels)?
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    For a psu, spend as much as you can afford. It's the 12 volt amperage that is important, the higher the better.

    For the ram. If you intend to add to your existing ram then google and get everest home edition and get an exact match. If you intend to replace your ram then go to www, and use their database to find out what ram your pc supports.
  3. Tedster

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  4. matace50

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    also, should i worry about a certain psu being compatible with my type of pc

    or does it not matter(since my is only about 2 yerars old).
  5. Tedster

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    the only thing you need to worry about with a PSU are 2 things:

    1. does it meet the power requirements plus a little cushion?
    2. Is it a QUALITY psu? Do not skimp on quality. Read reviews and tests. frequently tests and rates PSUs.
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    thank you very much. You all have been very helpful
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