Memory Referenced Error

By lala
May 28, 2006
  1. hi...

    can someone help me with this problem. i tried to install a software but the message error came out. It says:

    The instruction at "0x7c917a8c" referenced memory at "0x00000075". The
    memory could not be read.

  2. b.m.bhathiya

    b.m.bhathiya TS Rookie

    Hi.... lala,
    not only u but also I faced the same problem while I'm trying to install VB into a XP Embedded thinclient, so I asked a help from a Principal company, so their R&D is working on it, if got a solution I definitely mail that to u, but if I fail can you help me please? I really need a solution for this thing, thaks..
    My mail ad is bhathiyab (at) or bhathiya (at) I cannot type @ mark a mail id

    Bye….. have a nice day...
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