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May 20, 2006
  1. I'm not realy sure what this is, but if i have 2 different memory speeds, can i use memory timing to make them both compatible with each other because i have a 256mb stick and a 1GB stick. the 256 is running at 133MHZ and the 1GB is running at 166MHz. If i change this is the BIOS can i make them both at 166 and improve performance?
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    the 2 sticks will either work together or they wont...

    if they don't work together, there is no BIOS setting that can make them work.

    if they do work together, they will both run at 133MHz and will likely cause stability problems.

    1GB is more than enough for most people, adding a 256MB stick will not make any major improvement. if you're running out of memory and you have 30 or more windows processes running you should look into tweaking your system instead of adding more RAM, this will give you a much more noticable performance boost.
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    Would another 1GB of the exact same ram help at all? would i notice a boost?
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    2 sticks of identical ram weill definately boost any system that is duel channel capable, however, you won't notice much of an increase in performance with total size- 1 gb total except in a few high end games....

    512mb is perfect for most people.

    I have 1.5 gb in my system and very rarely do I ever approach or exceed 1gb in usage.
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    that depends on your CPU and mobo. if it can run memory in dual channel, then you will notice a slight improvement.

    if your CPU/mobo only allows single channel operation, then you will not notice any improvement at all by adding another 1GB stick, it will just sit there and look pretty in your system, but it will never get used
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