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By Ollie30001
Aug 18, 2004
  1. Hey, im trying to work this out (im new to upgrading and all that stuff, so bare with me)....

    At the moment a have 512mb of PC2700 at 333MHZ (i think) (also im trying to get my comp up to scratch for gaming) so any way, im looking to upgrade to 1GB of the stuff. So first i looked at my motherboard specifications here:

    Notice it ses "Memory Speed" Then the speed of which i have now. I geuss what i want to know is, is that the MAX it can take (it dont say that but im not sure) i know my processors....."thingy" (fsb?) is 333MHZ so im gussing i have to buy memory with the same frequency, but does the "PC2700" matter? (can i go higher)

    And also, can i make my processor go to 400MHZ? cus it ses in the specifications page about my motherboard "333/400MHZ" Can i change it then? (cus you know, the faster the better for gaming....)

    Any way hope that makes sence...
  2. guruboy

    guruboy TS Rookie Posts: 26

    The rule of thumb when dealing with memory is that you want to use memory that runs at the same speed (or as close to as possible) as your processor's frontside bus (FSB). For example - you have a processor with a 333mHz FSB - therefore, you want to use PC2700, or DDR 333 (it's the same thing).

    In regards to your question about the processor, you should run the processor at the recommended processor frontside bus to cut down on heat issues. Running at more than the recommended speed is called "overclocking", and without proper cooling, you can cause heat damage and possibly break your computer.

    DDR memory comes in many different flavors - PC 2100, PC 2700 and PC 3200 are the three main ones. The "PC####" directly corresponds to a speed - PC 2100 = DDR 266, PC2700 = DDR 333, and PC 3200 = DDR 400, or 266, 333 and 400 mHz bus speeds.

    I hope this helps.
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