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Feb 8, 2008
  1. hi i am building a new pc. cosmos case evga 122-ck-nf67-t1 mb q6600 proc am looking for good memory not to expensive but fast and able to be overclocked alittle if i need. and what do i look for as low latencies and timings?i need ddr2 800(6400) thanks.
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    Just for the record.....

    That's [ 2 ] GB or 2 x 1GB set. Again: With the rebate, this is a give-away.

    One small note, this memory is 1.9 volts. Some boards that do not have adjustable memory voltages in the BIOS may or may not boot with it. (default voltage is 1.8 standard). The timing is standard though, (5-5-5-12)! A check with Corsair's web site should yield compatibility information.
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    reason i asked about memory types i dont know if i am using the xp or vista os yet. the xms works or says it is designed for 64 bit os .does that mean not meant fot 32 bit os cause i have and old 32bit xp home edition? i did look at the xms series just wasn't sure if it was desinged for the 32 also thanks.
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    The Corsair ram suggested above works on both x64 or x32, both xp and vista; because it doesn't matter. Also your mobo and cpu are all works together find. Let us know how is your project goes.
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    i think corsair would be the best option BUT if u can get hold of Ocz memory then u will get alot more of a better deal as there memory prices have gone down quiet alot because of the ddr3 stuff so have a look out for that.
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    thanks so much for the help i will be checking back with progress will need some help will bios settings and whatnot. this is my first build from scratch thanks again.
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