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Memtest errors, STOP errors but it's not the RAM...

By tchiseen
Jan 27, 2005
  1. that's right.. it's not the ram... memtest produces errors in test 7 with 2 different sticks of ram. please help.

    right, i've got some major problems too. and i know, it serves me right. but im poor. okay, so here's what i've got
    p4 3.0 w/ HT
    512 ddr3200 ram from Veritech
    asrock p4vt8+
    radeon9800xt (saving grace)
    80 gig maxtor

    with this plugged in my computer runs, but poorly. i just recently spent a lot of money to get my power supply upgraded (new coolermaster case + psu).

    I get lots of BSOD's while im gaming, or just trying to use my machine. issues. i get mainly the ones listed here in this article: (wont let me post so it's a microsoft support article with the following number:271955, basically it says that if these four STOPs keep occuring you've got a bad ram stick.)

    ie, 50, 1a, 4e, 0a

    i got the new memtest, and it runs through and gives me errors on test #7, yea, #7. and it does this with my ram and my buddies ram also. no other errors on other tests just 7. i just recently sent my ram off to the manf. for RMA and they say it is fine (and also that thye're going to charge me another 35 bucks to get it sent back - they didnt tell me that before i sent it isnt that rude/ illegal? in any case). I've gone thru about 3 HD formats, tried XP and Server 2k3, and still nothing gets rid of the bsods. i think it may be my CPU or mobo? i used to have a gigabyte mobo but it doesnt work anymore. how shoul di go about getting this fixed? I am thinking about taking the machine into the shop and having them look at it part by part, but that will be expensive. im a poor uni student i cant do this much longer. memtest says it might be the ram, microsoft says it might be the ram (that was enough for me i sent it off for rma) but it's not. please please help me. this is like hell! hehe. cheers.

  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    It is most likely the motherboard.

    You can put your RAM and CPU on another motherboard just to make sure.
  3. tchiseen

    tchiseen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    i'll give it a looksy.
  4. tchiseen

    tchiseen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    no dice. stil broke
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