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Dec 12, 2006
  1. Ok, I have question... I ran memtest, the first time it showed 10 errors on test 2. I rebooted, now it showes nothing it is on its second pass since I rebooted. Is it possible there was dust in the socket and the ram is really ok... how long should I let this run? Thanks
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    I should have stated earlier that I have been getting many different BSOD that started recently, I have not changed anything and not added any hardware. Most have been "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" OR "PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGE AREA" so I have been trouble shooting which brought me here.

    Well after letting it run for a while, I stopped it and ran chkdsk /p from the install CD. I said "found one or more errors" so I ran chkdsk /r which corrected the problems. I then rebooted and let it start in normal problems. So before I went to bed I started the memtest again and let it run overnight... this morning I had 10 errors that were found on test 7 pass 26 so I guess it is faulty mem.
    I have downloaded the tools from MS so the next BSOD I will be able to look at it and maybe confirm.
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    There should be no errors in memtest results. You have misbehaving RAM. Doesn't have to be "bad" bad - it may still work correctly with less aggressive memory timings or better cooling.
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    Thanks for the response, I will go into the BIOS and make some adjustment to try to get through the holidays.... then replace
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    Check your motherboard for a "flexibility mode" or some such for RAM compatability (check the motherboard manual if you can't find it). I have an ASRock board and didn't realize the BIOS had this and actually RMA'd 2 gigs of RAM. When my new RAM still failed memtest I checked the bios, enabled compatability mode and can run memtest without errors now.
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    Thanks for the info.. It does have a "flexability" option but I have not changed because I was unsure of what it does. I will play with some setting and see if that helps. BTW great site, since this started I have almost replaced sound card, MB, HD, and think may get away much cheaper. Thanks a ton.
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