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Mar 5, 2004
  1. hi, i just bought a mercury TV tuner card for my shuttle only to find theres 3 problems with it.

    1. according to the instructions and the website there should be 125 channels, i only get from channel 20 to 69. try and go to any other channel and it just jumps straight to 20 or 69.

    2. i get no sound. the instructions say that the line out of the tv card needs to be connected to the line in on the sound card, ive done this and have no sound. ive checked the line in isnt muted and is turned right up but nothing. the only way for me to get any kind of sound is to connect my speakers directly to the line out of the tv card but then i get no sound from the rest of my computer.

    3. all the sound is supposed to be in stereo as it says on the spec of it and the instructions, but i only get mono. i cant even change it because all the other check options in the TV settings have been disabled.

    ive tried updating the drivers but with no joy, and ive emailed kobian (lovely people who made this worthless card), still waiting for a reply.

    has anyone else got this card and had any problems like these??

    thanks all :)
  2. LNCPapa

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    Well you've eliminated the sound problem from your TV card - if you can get sound via the method you mentioned then the sound issue lies at your sound card or it's configuration. Unfortunately I can't quickly think of a good reason for your channel issue. Perhaps it's scanning the wrong band - CATV or some other setting that can be changed?

    BTW - what exact model of TV card is it? Maybe we can find something online to help out if we knew this info :)
  3. cokecan72

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    well i just tried downloading the latest nForce 2 drivers from the nvidia website and theres no difference with the sound thing. there isnt any kind of model number or anything for this card, its just called a mercury TV Tuner card. the official website is

    theres 2 model numbers on there but no idea which one it is????

    also tried some different software called dscaler, that scans through all channels from 1 to 69, so im starting to think that the card only has 69 channels???
  4. cokecan72

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    Hmmm, just tried playing my mini cd player through the line in and theres nothing???could be my sound card?
  5. cokecan72

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    ok found the problem, the line in and mic in on the back of my shuttle doenst work, but the line in and mic in on the front does?????? ive re-installed the nforce drivers again and still the same, anyone know whats goin off?
  6. cliff leckey

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    mercury tv card

    bought a mercury tv card from maplins 6 mths ago and never had sound through it. even connected speakers direct to audio out which gave a loud silence. tried various settings but nothing. so i have to upload my Mini Digital video through the S port(which is excellent) and then re-run the sound through a program called "Bob" and align them through "EditStudio". Its a lot of hassle as well as the inevitable wear on the camcorder but there`s no other way.
  7. The Real

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    The real

    hi cokecan72

    I bought same card. I had the same probleme.

    Normaly you must have a jack who join your card to the pc, but becarfully because you need to put it in the correct Line. from the mercury is the green device to Line-in.
    After check the option on audio setup of your sound card. You need to allow the option "Line-in".

    The real
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  9. easyoasy

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    Mercury TV Card

    I have the latest Mercury TV Card and XP
    When I switch on the pc run the software I get sound , no picture an error message saying
    ""this graph cannot preview"
    Two clicks on "x" and the message disappears
    Thereafter, however
    although when I last used the pc I tuned in to the 5 UK channels and saved them and they worked fine
    On my next use of the software.......
    ...after I eliminated the error message I can only get a picture if I retune all 5 channels...
    ..........Can anybody help ?
    ps I`m not a very techie person
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