Merging Data from Excel into Word

By steve2005
May 31, 2005
  1. Hi - Using Office 2003 and XP.
    Problem is I have a merge letter conected to a spreadsheet. For some reason word or/xl is changing "<1" (as text) to 0, as 0 is less than 1.
    I've tried formatting the cells from where the data comes from to General to text and playing around with that but no go..
    Any help would be great.
  2. davidsurv

    davidsurv TS Rookie

    One option to consider is utilizing excel as a letterhead "template". By merging & formatting cells pasting logos & the like you can avoid a lot of the headaches associated with converting data to other office programs. I essentially use microsoft excel 2000 on a daily basis as my word processor, primarily due to the fact that I work with formulas & calculations. If it is essential that you need to convert, a good idea would be to purchase/browse (in a library), one of the office 2003 "bibles". As I write this post I am at home, tomorrow I will have access to one of my office 2000 books & will be able to research your question better. Also a good idea would be to utilize a search engine (google is my favorite), & search for Word & Excel forums.
  3. steve2005

    steve2005 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yea thanks for your research - any help is good. This problem is a pain
  4. davidsurv

    davidsurv TS Rookie

    It would appear that you are utilizing word as your main document, which contains the generic information that you want to repeat in each form letter, mailing label, envelope or catalog & that you are using excel as your data source, whereas the excel worksheet (in this case potentially being utilized as a "flat database"), contains the appropriate cells with the address/standard name line information to be exported into the merge field on a word document. The problem that you may be encountering may be that word is trying to read a formula that is tied to your worksheet & not exported to a merge field in word, potentially creating a circular reference. If at all possible when utilizing mail merge one should avoid entering formulas into cells, as they then become something other than raw data. True excel functionality within a word document is best utilized when "embedding" a table into said word document, which is not a pragmatic use of the mail merge. Some of the information contained within this post was obtained by opening "help" & then utilizing "Use mail merge to create form letters" as my query. I also found the following link on the microsoft office online site that may prove useful to you.
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