Messed up PC, cant install audio drivers and other problems :(

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Nov 29, 2007
  1. Hi guys, had alot of trouble with this for the past few days and its driving me crazy now 21.gif, my pc is a dell dimension 2400. It started when i brought 1gb pc2700 ddr 333mhz ram which the seller has now told me was high density and my motherboard needs low density, not sure if thats true?

    Anyway after i tried the ram and found out it didnt work i put my old ram back in and it said "windows could not start because of the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system32\config\system" researched it and tried what was suggested to recover from a corrupted registry, it didnt work so i had to do a fresh install of xp that didnt work, keep on getting files not copied correctly so i tried fresh install again with different xp cds to see if all files could be copied correctly and it didnt work so i got that fed up of it i just skipped them files but i didnt write them down.

    When windows started i tried sfc /scannow which results in wrong cd error. I dont get the corrupt \windows\system32\config\system message anymore but im sure all the other problems might have something to do with it. I also got the IRQL not less or equal error one or twice.

    My main problem is the dell audio drivers which when i try to update multimedia audio controller and modem audio device in device manager it says "cannot install this hardware,, the data is invalid" Not sure whats going on here because i have formatted more than 5 times and used these drivers with no problems before.

    Ive used adaware, ccleaner, avg, trendmicro/bitdefender online scans to check for virus and spyware. I have tried to sort it out myself but im not sure what else i can do thanks for any help of advice, cheers, tr.
  2. raybay

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    There is always some memory that doesn't work in a given machine.
    However, we install high density Crucial, Kingston, Corsair, Infineon, and Samsung memory in Dell 2300 and Dell 2400 computers all the time without nary a problem.
    If you purchased your memory from a seller of third tier memory where the chips may vary from month to month in module to module, you could have a problem...
    The secret is to sell that memory and buy from a vendor who warranties their product.
    It appears to me that you have a failed hard drive, probably unrelated to the memory install, as the Dell Dimension 2400 was using less reliable hard drives... and your Dell Dim 2400 is certainly old enough for the drive to have worn out.
    I would try a clean install, reformatting the hard drive, then using the Dell disks to install Windows and everything else... Once you have a clean install of Windows, the Drivers will install, IF YOU FOLLOW EXACTLY the instuctions on the Dell support download site that are posted in the same section as the drivers.
    But are you certain you have the correct drivers for that computer. There are three different audio setups for the Dell Dimension 2400: ADI 198X, Sound Blaster 5.1 Digital, and Sound Blaster Live 24 bit. Each requires different driver downloads.
  3. truler

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    hi there and thanks for your reply:) , the drivers are correct as i have used them before in the past and i have also tried all 3 of them drivers. cheers m8
  4. raybay

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    Ok, a good start with the correct drivers (a minor issue anyway), but I was mainly addressing the drive, and the install. Since you have reinstalled XP, and have these errors, we would suspect the hard drive is failing, or the optical drive is failing, or the Install/recovery CD disc you used for the install is dirty or scratched.
    If you can get the drive working, perhaps you can go to the website of the drive manufacturer for their drive fitness test... which is very good and very brief.
    Dell used Quantum, Maxtor, Samsung, Western Digital, and Seagate drives in the Dell Dimension 2400 (I listed them in ascending order of known reliability). Which drive do you have?
  5. truler

    truler TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi guys, well i used memtest yesterday which gave me errors, testing my 256mb and 512mb togeather so i tried the 512 on its own which gave me the missing or corrupt system32 error and the 256 on its own starts the computer.

    It seems that the 1gb of ram i brought has messed up my 512mb as well, is that possible?? its not the memory slot as the 256 works in both.

    Thought i'd try fresh install of xp with the 256 ram and even though i had files cannot be copied error it has let me install all the drivers and they are working properly now.

    The problem i have now is that internet explorer wont work, when i click it it asks if i want to open,save,cancel the file renounce2? which just opens in firefox.

    The files that could not be copied during xp setup were:

    wmpencen.dll and

    Anyone know if these files are the reason ie wont work??
    cheers for any help any1 can give give
  6. truler

    truler TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Just an update, i got that fed up of it i brought a new 160gb harddrive, installed windows and i still got cannot copy files error but only these 4 this time


    Still cant open internet explorer, also windows recovery does not work it just says the same files cannot be copied??

    Any help appreciated, cheers
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