Metal Gear Solid 3 remake seems increasingly likely

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Don’t look now, but there’s another remake of a classic game reportedly in the pipeline.

VGC earlier this month claimed publishing sources told them that Konami was working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a fan favorite among gamers. To be specific, Konami wasn’t actually leading development – that task was put on the shoulders of another studio, Virtuos.

Founded in 2004, Virtuos is headquartered in Singapore and has worked on the development of roughly 70 games over the years. Now, ComicBook believes it has found additional evidence to corroborate that report.

The publication points to the LinkedIn page of Virtuos’ lead software engineer, Zhiyang Li. Under the experience section, Li mentions having worked on an unannounced AAA action adventure game remake for a period of nine months, from October 2018 until June 2019.

During that time, Li led a team of 12 engineers, artists and level designers, and helped upgrade the game’s engine to support 4K on certain platforms.

Konami has been a bit more lax in its willingness to license its properties as of late, allowing others to work with its coveted IP. Earlier this year, for example, Konami joined forces with Bloober Team, fueling speculation that a new Silent Hill game is in the works. There’s also said to be a new Castlevania game in the mix, described as a “reimagining” of the series.

Of the three - Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill or Castlevania - which would you be most excited about getting a new entry?

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The best experience I've had with a Metal Gear game aside from MGS, was REVENGEANCE.

The best stealth game I've played was Splinter Cell. MGS is way too ridiculous to be taken seriously as a stealth game. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, nailed it perfectly.

MGS is best for the characters and story but the maps are really not that great.
12 people working for 8 months on this doesn't sound at all like a remake. MAYBE a remaster, but with the bit about "updating the engine to support 4k," it really sounds like they're just making sure it will work on current gen consoles. A remake would almost certainly use the fox engine and require way more time. Too bad. I like the game a lot, probably the best MG story to date, but that whole camo changing thing was SO fiddly, you had to spend more time in your inventory than playing the game. I'd have liked to see a proper remake that addressed this and other time-forgotten qol deficiencies, and give the graphics a full overhaul from the ground up (in the fox engine) instead of just making old graphics work on a modern screen, the way every other "remaster" is. Even just the addition of a radial menu for the different camos would make the game infinitely more enjoyable. Doesn't sound to me like anything's going to change except what we'd be playing it on though.
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I love Metal Gear, I truly wish we would still get games from this. Was my first story I fell in love with back with my PSX.