Micro-stuttering every few seconds while gaming

Hello. I have an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 [16GB RAM, Ryzen 5 4600HS, and NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti]. It's been less than a year, and my laptop was performing very well, and I had no issues with it. But I've been experiencing micro-stuttering in games for the last two days. I've tried on three games(WWE 2K22, Stray, and Marvel's Spiderman Remastered ), and this issue seems to be there on every one of them. Although the temperatures are high(see screenshots), this has always been the case. Also, for some reason, the device's volume is excellent when listening to Spotify, but when I play a game, it becomes way lower. 30% volume on Spotify is much higher than 30% in games. I've tried some things to solve this, like reinstalling Windows 11, downgrading to Windows 10, Removing NVIDIA drivers with DDU, and reinstalling them. None of them is working. I cleaned the fans, and applied thermal paste, but sadly, no luck. I tried running the game on iGPU, and the games run smooth with no stuttering. So I'm convinced this has something to do with GPU. I read somewhere that a possible solution to this is turning off XMP in BIOS, but I couldn't find the option on my laptop. I've run out of patience trying to solve this. Please assist me.