Microsoft Edge browser gets a new logo as Chromium-based version approaches release


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Microsoft is looking towards a fresh start with its all-new Chromium-based Edge browser. Although the software is now a long way from the original Internet Explorer, the company is sparing no effort in taking it further still, with a new engine inside and a swirly logo outside.

The revamped logo still looks like an 'E' but now resembles a tidal wave meant for 'surfing' the web. Instead of making an official announcement in a blog post or a press release, Microsoft hid its logo as an Easter Egg in the latest Canary build of Edge.

The quest for finding the hidden logo involved participants working their way around cryptic clues posted by Microsoft employees and playing an online surfing game that revealed the new logo upon completion.

The logo now seems to align with Microsoft's Fluent Design overhaul for its Office apps and is expected to be part of Edge's final release that could be revealed at the company's Ignite conference next week.

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Uncle Al

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Hopefully it will be a big improvement and give me yet another good reason to dump Google .....


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Kinda reminds me of Firefox’s logo ?