Microsoft HID's and Gyration

By LarryC
Aug 3, 2007
  1. New to this system. Looking forward to learning a lot.

    I have a good one for those interested...

    I bought a Gyration mouse/keyboard a few months ago. Keyboard worked fine, mouse did not. All day with support and in the end the mouse driver was not "digitally signed" as best I can remember. I found this myself. Not sure how I fixed the problem.

    Now I'd like to move the USB key for the product to another USB slot. Same problem as before. I cannot see the driver in Device Manager under "Mice & Other Pointing Devices" either. I cannot remember what I did to fix the problem initially. Something to do with digitally signing something, like the driver?

    So, I have one USB port that the product works with, and the other ports only the keyboard works. It is not the product, it should be the Microsoft HID as Gyration does not have their pown drivers. Why the difference between ports?

    If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Not willing to uninstall driver on the "good port", where the product works fine. Not sure why it would work in one slot,but not any other. I have 6 altogether, and they all work for other things if tested.

    Any help appreciated.

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