Microsoft Promoting Linux

By Per Hansson
Mar 17, 2004
  1. Lately there have been allot of anti-Linux comments flying out of Redmond. And maybe rightly so. I mean, Microsoft stole their GUI from Apple who stole it from Xerox so it's not more than right that users of Linux should get bashed for using a GUI stolen from Microsoft, right?

    And yes, Lindows, it has been speculated how many millions of dollars Microsoft are spending on suing Lindows. May I ask you this: Do you feel more inclined to try Linux now with all the talk about it from Microsoft? Yes, just like I thought...

    The Inquirer has a good article on this, it is a lengthy read but well worth it if you want to gain some insight. And btw, it works quite well to write these news from a HD install of Knoppix and spell-check them in SUN's Open Office, all for free...
  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    Mainstream Linux, and even open source, is becoming more common. Although the Inquirer has obvious bias, we still have people like CNN and Wall Street Journal who occasionally pop out a new article geared at USERS, not market speak.

    Got a new Windows machine, for example, and it was preloaded with OpenOffice.

    Got the MandrakeMove Distro.. while it's buggy and limited somewhat, it gets the job done, lets mom try it risk free....

    Microsoft finally took notice that their market is getting dinged on multiple fronts.. and you wonder where the FUD comes from.. :)
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