Microsoft terminates mainstream support for Windows Vista

sapo joe

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True story!! Vista is better if compared to what we are seeing from Windows 8!

I tried vista when it was beta testing and never again... Stuck with Windows XP X64 Pro until Windows 7 came. THEN I upgraded and am still happy with it. :)


Hear this m4a4

i will not buy windows 8 for desktop, because you cant have more than one window on your display at once (forget about the split gamic). I want to be able to see all my opened window at once, calculator, word, browser and so on. True i still get it with desktop mode, but sine the future app will be written metro, then i will lose this future. Thats why i say win8 is not mature enough. Can you imagine the calculator fullscreen in a 30 " monitor ? wow.
Than i would need to copy the result, alt-tab to my n st window to copy back the content to my fullscreen word, or notepad... on my beautiful 30 " monitor. What a waste of real estate.