Microsoft to buy Vivendi?

By Julio Franco
Jan 23, 2003
  1. Though this article is based on pure speculation, there might be some truth behind the whole story. It would be a smart move from Microsoft indeed, after all they've got deep pockets to supply what is needed for their x-box console.

    If insider speculation is to be believed, Microsoft has bought US publisher Vivendi, with an announcement to that effect due soon. Take a deep breath and reflect on the implications of that, if true.
    Half-Life 2, Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Crash, Spyro, Lord of the Rings... Vivendi has an enormous portfolio boasting some of the biggest titles on all formats, and it would be an ultra-smart move on Microsoft's part to snap them up. Such a buyout, of course, would come at a terrifically high price, making the 365 million acquisition of Rare look like peanuts. But if anyone has the necessary funds, it's Microsoft.
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