Microsoft unveils its 'most portable' 2-in-1 yet, the Surface Go 3, starting at $400

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Microsoft just unveiled its new Surface Go 3 during its fall Surface keynote. It called the Surface Go 3 the "most portable" Surface 2-in-1 it has produced. The Surface Go 3, at its lightest, weighs just 1.2 pounds with a 10.5-inch 1920×1280 touch display. However, this is the same form factor as the Surface Go 2.

Microsoft claims its high-end configuration Surface Go 3 is 60-percent faster with its Quad-core Intel Core i3-10100Y processor. Two lower-end units sport Dual-core Intel Pentium Gold 6500Y processors. All models come with either 4GB or 8GB LPDDR3 RAM options. The low-end model comes with 64GB of storage. If that's not enough the mid- and high-end units provide 128GB.

The Surface Go 3 is a tablet at its heart, but Microsoft has a range of detachable backlit keyboards with large trackpads. Surface Go Type Covers will up the checkout price by $100 for the standard black or $130 if you prefer a different color. Selections include Ice Blue, Poppy Red (pictured above), and Platinum.

If you are already a Surface Go owner, there is nothing here to trade it in for unless you absolutely must have the 30-percent bump in processing power, which only comes in its most expensive ($630) configuration. The starting unit barely seems capable of handling Windows 11, yet Microsoft's latest operating system comes standard on all models.

Microsoft began pre-orders for the Surface Go 3 today. The base configuration goes for $399.99, the mid-range is $549.99, and the model with the Core i3 is $629.99. Units will start shipping on October 4.

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Is the i3 the same i3-10100Y has listed on the Intel Ark website? Because the i3-10100Y is also a dual core hyperthreaded Amber Lake just like the Pentium 6500Y (which is just a rebranded m3-8100Y from 2018). The only difference is higher clocks.


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Configured with keyboard and pen still $100 less expensive that the Apple ipadAir (4Gen); and capable of running those engineering/science mathematics apps "on the go" better than the Apple. But still 0.2 lbs heavier - sigh!