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By D@nny
Mar 28, 2007
  1. how do I disconnect a network drive? Under Microsoft Windows Network theres 4 networks one is MSHOME which 2 other computers are connected too but I can't access but I have a feeling it can access me. Heres a picture of what I see under MWN . How do I shut this down or take my computer out of this network? Also I read mapping network drives the option I get when right clicking one of these "networks " I can use to "map shared drives and shared folders. When you access a shared drive or folder you can also access subfolders if you have the appropriate permissions However, you cannot map a drive for a subfolder that is not explicitly configured as a shared resource." Too bad mapping network drives option is disabled on each one. I think I didn't configure my C drive and D drive by now to not share any files. No folder's properties have their share this folded box ticked on them but for some reason I don't have the appropriate permission to access any of these networks to view them but I think its working the other way around the other side of that network can browse me. I want to use the collapse option on all these networks but I want to consult you guys first and tell me what I should do to check for certain these networks are monitoring me. Also such strange names..Toros. Strange..
    Edit: also could a keylogger be placed in one of these networks monitoring all the other computers and not be able to be detected on my computer because the antivirus/spyware scans don't have access there?
  2. Nodsu

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    You are not making much sense, but.. In your local area connection properties, untick the file and printer sharing protocol to disable all file sharing from your computer..

    Also, you ought to be using a software firewall no matter what and that firewall should be configured to block all inbound connections.
  3. D@nny

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    local area connections isn't there anymore. Any idea why?
  4. jobeard

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    These are workgroup names, not mapped drives. The attachment is a
    tree-view of my mapped drives.
    Each of your names {Group,Workgroup,Mshome,Toros} are the same thing
    as my Workgroup shown. Notice that my emac is under Workgroup --
    Jeff is the Mapped Network Drive.

    For each system {Group,Workgroup,Mshome,Toros}, change the Workgroup
    name to the same name on all systems, eg: DannysWG
    and reboot when changed.
    Then you will have a list like
    • sys-a-share-point,
    • sys-b-share-point,
    • sys-c-share-point,
    • sys-d-share-point,
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