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Does anyone else here use a wireless keyboard and mouse? My mouse died a couple days ago, so I was going to purchase a new wireless one. Well Bestbuy was sold out of every single wireless mouse except for the $90 ones. I looked over and saw this really nice looking Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse for only $60. I said, heck with it. I bought it, and I love it. Just thought I'd share my experience with you all. I bought the Microsoft "Basic Wireless Optical Desktop"


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i got that for my parents, its pretty cool


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A word to the wise with these wireless devices. Keep a set of new batteries nearby at all times you never know when they will need them.


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I use a Logitech wireless mouse, haven't had any problems, except every month have to pop in some fresh batteries. Stock up on the batteries!


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They cant possibly eat batteries that fast can they? MS claims the batteries last up to 6 months, is that without use or something??


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I just purchased the logitech wireless keyboard and mouse with the recharging docking station for the mouse...not having to worry about batteries is awesome.

Its the way to go!!!!


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AK_in_Charge - I just bought the same setup from logitech...with the charging cradle\remote for the mouse, and I couldn't be happier - and I keep 4 AA batteries on hand in my studio in case I need them - it's been 3 months and I notice no sign of wear on the batteries yet...pretty awesome setup, and it was well worth the $100.00...
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