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Microsoft Works 7.0 Task Launcher

By Babs1 ยท 5 replies
Jan 17, 2006
  1. I have a HP with Windows XP Home Edition that came with the Microsoft Works 7.0 Task Launcher and Microsoft WorK Processor are installed. I can work with my Work Processor and was able to launch my Task Launcher until just recently. Now when clicking it on it comes up with " Microsoft has encounterd a problem and needs to shut down" which automatically shuts down the Task Launcher. Has anyone experienced this before?
  2. computer help

    computer help TS Rookie Posts: 68

  3. Babs1

    Babs1 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    Microsoft Works 7 Task Launcher

    I have AVG anti-virus that runs every morning and has come up clean. The AD-Aware SE I also have and I run that every week and that has not spotted any virus.
  4. computer help

    computer help TS Rookie Posts: 68


    avg is rubbish i am tech i have 700 clients

    and ive tried all the antivirus programs but if you dont want advice why ask for help! :unch:
  5. Babs1

    Babs1 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    Microsoft Works 7 Task Launcher

    Computer Help,
    Without trying to insult you , can you tell me what you don't like about AVG anit-virus. A computer tech that is well know in our area with loads of customers put it on my computer for me and took the Norton off.

    Does it have problems taking viruses off the computer if one is found? I haven't contacted the tech because I don't have the money right now so I do appreciate your help and the help of this forum!
  6. computer help

    computer help TS Rookie Posts: 68

    allright these are the facts im imparshal to any software i neither like or dislike

    avg or any of the other antivirus programs for that matter,
    but what i am telling you is a based on use of application rather than self preferecnce the antivirus program you are laying your faith in is poorly written
    and yes incapable of properley protecting your pc.
    further more i am currentley servicing 700 clients and serviced in excess of
    45000 pcs in the last 5yrs

    i think the question you are asking is can you question a professional
    in his ethics without having any professional knowledge the answer is
    definteley not !

    Avast have so much faith in their application that they will let you use it for 14 months free of charge !!!

    avg is free so if a program is totaly free its vendors do not have the money and man power to ensure that it is cutting edge.

    i hope this makes since, do as you like you asked for help and now your questioning my abitilty.

    i am the guy the other techs call when there stumped
    i fix the things are techs cant !!
    !!! :)

    based on 45000 pcs are those pcs lying i think not !!!!

    if you need any other help please feel free to email; me micro_soft_corporation@msn.com
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