Microsoft works 7 not possible!!!

By Res8zenith
Jun 30, 2007
  1. my mistake, really, i ended up deleted my microsoft works launcher 7.0 on Xp. so now when i try to reinstall it, they ask for a cd, i have no cd, where can i find it, not in best buy, nor circuit city. my dad's pissed because that is what he/i use, and i was going to update it to works 8.0. i was wondering, all the saved files that are in 7.0 are unreadable. but if i get 8.0 from best buy or someplace, will my 7.0 files be trash/unreadable or will they be transfered to the 8.0 pages/files?

    is there a way to get 7.0 back into my computer?
  2. te00

    te00 TS Rookie Posts: 29

    And how did u setup it in first place.Anyway with either 7/8 the files woul be readable.Just setup one.
  3. Res8zenith

    Res8zenith TS Rookie Topic Starter


    it came with the computer...i don't remember any disc in the whole box;(
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