Midnight Club 2 and Manhunt question (MP3 and cheat?)

By TDawg
Apr 9, 2005
  1. This is actually 2 questions...

    1. On midnight club 2 there is an MP3 folder in the game's directiory and I put my Mp3's in it yet I see no way of playing them in the game...In GTA III and Vice City you can access the Mp3s from the Mp3 folder by a radio station called Mp3 player...don't see that in Midnight club...

    2. I was wondering if there was any cheats or mods or something I can do to give me the usual cheats like infinite ammo, health...all weapons...stuff like that...without actually beating the levels...(I am not usually a cheater...but this game just seems more fun to me with cheats for some reason)

    please help
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