Minecraft Windows 10 / Minecraft PC?

We're buying a PC as a graduation gift and the one game I've been told to be sure it will play well is Minecraft. Seemed like a straightforward request, but the neighbor helping us said that there are two versions of Minecraft that can be played on a PC but that the 'seeds' and other game modifications wouldn't be compatible with each other. His son plays the "non-Windows 10" version.

After some searching it seems like he is right - there's 2 versions (that would work on a PC) and they aren't compatible with each other even though they both run on Windows 10 (which seems really strange).

Am I missing something? Will one of these versions be obsolete and he'll be stuck with it? There's a lot of information for what I thought was as simple game!

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The non-windows 10 version is the "original" so to speak, and it has better overall support and will more than likely have better long term support. The windows 10 version is more akin to the console versions of minecraft and only seems to exist for a tech demo for hololens.
Linux is much more better for Minecraft, because you have all the APIs in place to interface RCON and so many more. But you need Linux skills to teach the children in the right way.

But: Daithi is right. And it is very helpful if children have access to a PC. Under whatever operating system. What you do is very good.
The non Windows version is the PC version, the Windows 10 version is a version of minecraft that is based on the pocket edition and can be played with people on their phone. For example I have it on my computer and if my friend had minecraft PE I can play with him on my computer. Idk about anymore but because I own the PC minecraft I got a free copy of the Windows 10 version