mini Q graphics upgrade and sound problems


Should I pay the $92 to fix the Computer?

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By helsing
Aug 10, 2007
  1. Hi,
    i have a mini Q computer which is pretty crap but i wanted to upgrade the graphics of my computer. i bought a radeon 9250, installed it but it does not work when i connect it to the screen. this is very annoying when i want to game and i am only running of internal graphics!! Is the 9250 any good? what div x does it have?

    a few weeks back my father was on the computer :( and ever since them the sound has not worked. It says ' problems detected, no sound hardware' ????

    Also my inter net is a ' motorola SB4200 surfboard cable modem, is that good?
    i always seem to have a high ping. is there any thing i can do??

    i got a quote to fix these problems, they estimated $92.00 Australian. they also noted that i may have a foulty hardrive????? are they right and is that a fair quote, is there anything else i can do????

    if i do get these problems fixed can i play day of deafeat source, counterstrike source and call of duty 2 on my graphics card and internet?

    please help me,

    woops spelling mistakes did not read
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