Minor HDD problem...

By }{yBr!D^
Oct 4, 2006
  1. Well, I'm trying to do a quick check on why this computer kept rebooting only at the login screen, which I figured it might of been the "counterfit XP" thing since they've ignored it for so long it might of locked them out... so, I install the hard drive into my system to see if its that or the machine is overheating since I can't get into XP's GUI. I load up my XP and the drive is installed and what not.

    Once done it shows up as a healthy drive (active) but with no drive letter (haven't assign one) and when I try it only give me these options of action... Delete Partition and Help... I can't view the files in the hard drive for some reason... didn't think it was going to be a pain, many other drives were installed the same with to do quick checks and never had a problem...

    any suggestions?
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