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Apr 16, 2004
  1. The scientist credited with inventing the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, has been awarded the first Millennium Technology Prize (1 million Euro).

    Patent Office asked to review Microsoft FAT patent.

    Our friends over at GS recently got the chance to chat with Tony Tamasi, NVIDIA's Vice President of Technical Marketing, and Ujesh Desai, General Manager of Desktop GPU's, obviously their conversation is centered on the new GeForce 6800.

    Lap Shun "John" Hui rewarded eMachines' 140 employees by giving each of them a hefty bonus--some checks, some Gateway stock--according to company representatives.

    Quiet PCs With No Compromise - New generation of fanless systems prove both powerful and easy on the ears.

    Nvidia is offering discounts of 10 to 20% to graphics card makers, with the goal of clearing out several million graphics processing units (GPUs) from inventory, making room for newer NV40 chips, of course.

    PC shipments grew somewhat faster than expected during the first quarter of 2004, helping to hoist Dell into the No. 1 market share position, according to preliminary figures from research firms IDC and Gartner.
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    LOL..... :D
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    That link is dead.
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    i think that the world wide web came after the internet was invented. although nowadays they are pretty much thought of as one of the same, i read that there are differences.
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