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By Julio Franco
May 21, 2003
  1. Intel launched the Springdale platform today, in case you haven't heard about it before from Intel's roadmaps, the new 865PE and 865G chipsets share a lot of the attractive features from workstation-class 875P just not all of them, making it more affordable for the mainstream user, reviews are already around from: Anand, Tech Report, Hardocp, H-H.
    BTW, Intel has also launched new Pentium 4 CPUs below the 3GHz mark that carry H-T and 800MHz FSB support.

    I found this great little program today, if you use IE for all your web browsing needs and want to have windows maximized automatically (instead of doing it manually all the time like I used to do), you can grab this piece of freeware, works great for me.

    In what perhaps is the first 'official' confirmation that IBM's PowerPC 970's will be used by Apple, BusinessWeek claims that IBM has confirmed that it's developing a new set of chips for the Mac (spotted at /..

    Web site Puretunes.com has joined the ranks of sites taking advantage of the willingness of Spanish authors' and performers' rights societies to sign deals allowing unlimited downloads of digital music.

    Neowin has posted some information about Windows Messenger 6.0 (screenshots, etc.).

    Splinter Cell sequel announced, Ubi Soft confirmed today that development has begun on the next Splinter Cell game, subtitled: "Pandora Tomorrow." I've been playing this game some when I get time, great game IMO.

    Talking of games... the so-hyped 'Enter the Matrix' was pure marketing, just about average game apparently... what a shame.
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