Misc. Thrusday news

By Julio Franco
Aug 7, 2003
  1. Recap on AthlonXP speeds (Palomino, Tbred, Barton) @ TS Forums.

    Nvidia cashes in on Xbox chips - Nvidia reported modest sales gains and a sharp jump in quarterly profits Thursday, which it attributed to its deal to supply chips for Microsoft's Xbox game machine

    Are you a Web addict? Researchers publish guidelines for Web addiction.

    Nintendo won't name its game plan - Game Boy creator Nintendo said Thursday that it would reveal details of a new game product next year but was coy on specifics, saying only that the new product would be a surprise.

    LucasArts cancels Full Throttle - The multiplatform 3D follow-up to Tim Schafer's classic adventure game is no longer in production.

    Will Web users pay for content? Despite the Web's transformation into a major publishing platform, relatively few Web users have warmed to the idea that they also should pay for content.

    KaZaA CEO Speaks Out - In a rare television interview -- she's sat for only one other interview, which apparently never aired -- Sharman CEO Nikki Hemming answered a host of questions about the challenges she faces running such a controversial company.

    Big Blue files counterclaims against SCO - IBM on Thursday filed counterclaims against the SCO Group in the continuing legal battle over the Linux operating system.
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